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Celestial Frequencies; Oracle cards and healing activators.

Celestial Frequencies; Oracle cards and healing activators.

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Språk: Engelska. 

Amplify your connections with the cosmos and receive potent guidance, healing, and intuitive insights directly from the celestial realms with this inspired deck.

As you become infused with the divine light code frequencies of these 44 oracle cards, you’ll brilliantly ignite a pathway to self-empowerment.

This deck includes seven innovative Healing Shields, and seven Healing Codes to help you exponentially raise your vibration to a higher octave.

You’ll learn to spiritually decode light-based energies, enhance your multidimensional communication, and initiate positive healing vibrations that promote well-being.

Includes seven unique card spread suggestions and four potent Healing Activator Grids. Use this inspiring deck for personal intuitive guidance, healing activation, client readings, and energetic upgrades, or as affirmation cards.

Expand your awareness beyond what you’ve ever dreamed possible!


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