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Kristallklart Roslagen

Mindful Stickers

Mindful Stickers

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Stickers: Premium sticker with strong adhesive and with a durable overlaminate. You can attach the sticker to practically anything and it will stick! UV protected and very scratch resistant.

Tip! Attach stickers to a place where you want to be reminded to stop and step into the present. If it's when you're sitting at work, for example, and feel like you want to slow down, put a sticker on your laptop. A good place is also on a water bottle, calendar, notepad or gifts.

Martina, Mindful Decals:

"The stickers and decals are designed to remind us that we can always come back to the present moment. That peace, stillness and being are within us no matter what the external circumstances are right now. We live in a society where we celebrate logical and analytical thinking , but gives hardly any attention to being, which is so important to our recovery.

My own healing began through the discovery that we are not our thoughts. I began to discover the present and the inner being. In this process was born the idea that we can help ourselves come back to the present by having a physical reminder of it. Attaching a physical reminder to just be when we do the dishes or cook. A reminder on the wall when we sit on our yoga mat or on the laptop when we sit in front of our computer."

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