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Kristallklart Roslagen

Crystal earrings Shungite and Rose Quartz

Crystal earrings Shungite and Rose Quartz

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Earrings on nickel-proof, silver-colored steel.

Shungite is a rare carbon-based non-crystallized rock and is believed to have formed about 2 trillion years ago. It consists largely of molecules of carbon.

Properties : Shungite can conduct electromagnetic and geothermal energy and still absorb and protect the body from electromagnetic radiation from e.g. computers, wi-fi and mobile phones. Shungite is also said to be able to absorb and remove heavy energy from a person or place, while being grounding and protective.

Rose quartz

Properties : Rose Quartz is the ultimate crystal for unconditional love. High energy frequency but at the same time soothing. Bring love into your life, draw you to love and strengthen the love in your current relationship. Clears out negative energy.

Chakra : The heart


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