About us

Welcome to Kristallklart Roslagen; Shop and treatment room in central Norrtälje.
In our shop range you will find lots of crystals and stones in many different shapes, Tarot cards and Oracle cards, candles, incense, handicrafts and handmade jewellery.
The entire range is also available in our webshop.

We also offer holistic, wellness treatments, guidance and coaching as well as courses and events in our premises.

Crystal clear Roslagen is run by Karolina Kaplan and Isabelle Haugland. Tove Haugland, Teija Hiljanen and Hannele Gladh also work in the premises.

Do you want to collaborate with us? We are open to collaborations with companies, Influencers and creators who match well with us and our target group. Write to us at info@kristallklartroslagen.se if you are interested and we will take it from there!

Reiki center

At Kristallklart Roslagen, everyone in the treatment team is initiated in Reiki.

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