Yoga - Nybörjarkurs

Yoga - Beginner course

Mikaela has been a yoga teacher for five years and holds classes in flow, yin, yoga nidra, pranayama and meditation. Presence and warmth are key words in the classes and she likes to use her skills as a massage therapist to deepen relaxation and effect. Now she is starting a beginner's course in yoga with us at Kristallklart Roslagen!

Beginners course in Yoga

A warm welcome to the world of yoga. A perfect course for beginners or those who have had a longer break. We go through yoga positions and flows step by step so that after this course you will feel safe to continue with yoga. We will strengthen and stretch the body in a small group where you have the opportunity to develop at your own pace.

Starts 31 Oct and ends 5 Dec. Payment is made via swish in connection with booking.

No previous experience is required. No drop in.

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