Tre kristaller för Överflöd

Three crystals for Abundance

Three beautiful crystals that will help you when you want to manifest abundance in your life. You can find all three of them at Kristallklart Roslagen.

1. Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone has a strong feminine and grounding energy and is said to attract abundance and strengthen your financial situation. A stone to increase intuition, creativity and contact with mother earth.

2. Pyrite

Pyrite is known as a lucky charm that helps us attract prosperity, health and wealth. Helps to get rid of negative energies, blockages etc. Provides support in case of changes and low self-confidence. Gives inspiration, encourages and supports you to succeed in your projects.


3. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine helps us understand that we can have anything we desire, which is the prerequisite for manifestation. It also helps us feel joy, ease and trust in life and the universe. When we truly feel this trust, a door opens to the abundance of the universe! Be aware that abundance can reach you in unexpected ways, so keep an open mind and dare to trust that what is yours will come to you.

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