Tarot- eller Orakelkort; Vad är skillnaden?

Tarot or Oracle cards; What is the difference?

We at Kristallklart Roslagen love our decks, and have a fairly wide selection of both Oracle cards and Tarot cards. Many who visit the store ask what the difference is between the various cards, and therefore we will explain a little here.

Tarot cards

A deck of Tarot cards is structured according to a fixed structure, regardless of the theme of the images. It always contains 78 cards and the cards are grouped into the Major and Minor Arcana with certain fixed symbols that recur in all Tarot decks. It usually comes with a small book explaining the meaning of the cards.

Oracle cards

A Deck with varying numbers of cards, with different themes and not the same structure as the Tarot cards. Thus a little freer interpretation. Often beautiful, symbolic images with little or no text. Usually a small book is included to help with interpretation of the cards.

When choosing a deck, it's good to know which one you're drawn to. If it feels right already in the store, it will be easier to get to know the cards and work with them in the future. If you want to learn more about laying Tarot cards, there are several good books on the subject. You will find a couple of different ones with us, both in Swedish. There are also several who hold courses and workshops for mapping.

Feel free to start practicing on your own first and build a relationship with the cards, the more you practice the more you will understand what each card symbolizes for you and the current situation. Have fun and make cards for the day, for the week, for a friend or yourself!

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