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Explore your Past Lives

Regression treatment

Exploring past lives is something you can do to understand yourself better, see and understand your patterns, any fears and phobias, triggers, strengths and weaknesses. Exploring past lives can be very healing and feel like finding lost pieces of the puzzle of yourself.

Exciting, healing and strengthening
Exploring past lives is something many are drawn to, while for some it can feel a bit exciting. "What if I see something I don't like, what if I was an evil person"... It is quite possible to back away from situations you encounter during the treatment, I help you navigate and feel your reactions.

Remember that no human being is purely evil or good, we are complex and act based on our circumstances and level of consciousness. Meeting past lives gives us insights that we then take with us into our current life, we can experience healing on the inside, can put emotions and fears behind us and grow in the soul.

Some express it as closing a circle and finally being free of old imprints that influenced more than you understood. If you have carried out actions in past lives that you today experience as evil, you can experience a liberation by solving the karma and the sense of guilt you have subconsciously carried. There are many examples of this and I have seen people experience a forgiveness through time and space that helps them move forward in their current life.

Even in cases where you yourself have been involved in atrocities or accidents, it can be very healing and liberating to face the trauma and put an end to it. When we do a regression treatment, you can see and face these events in a safe and controlled way, which means that you can also take with you lessons and insights that you could not absorb at the time.


Collective memories
Then the next question comes up, is it really my own past life that I am experiencing? An interesting question that more and more people are asking, as humanity begins to understand that we are all one. The question is, does it matter that much?

I see it as that we humans can take part in the collective memory and work on solving common karma. If you have taken on such a mission, you can see it as working collectively and helping all of humanity to raise its frequency.

We are all interconnected and our shared experiences have been created through countless incarnations creating more and more memories, experiences, traumas, lessons and progress.

We experience ourselves as individuals but are also part of everything, we are all very significant aspects of a whole. Think how nice it is that we all work together to free ourselves from what no longer serves us.
The concept of time
Our experience of time is linear, that is, we see time as ongoing with a past, a present and a future. Our human brains need the timeline to relate to, but at the same time they say that time does not exist, that everything happens at the same time, all lives and all moments are sort of stacked on top of each other.

In order for us to be able to grasp this concept, we need to create images, models for our interior. I imagine that all experiences exist here and now, in different layers of reality and therefore we can also have access to them. This is easily too complex for us to piece together logically, but really it doesn't matter.

We say past lives instead of parallel lives, because we experience it as something in the past. (Same thing with what we experience as the future). We need to start from our perspective to be able to grasp the feeling. Our feeling and experience is what is interesting and you don't actually have to understand everything in detail.


How does a regression treatment work?

This treatment is given on site in my premises in order to be present and guide you through the process in the best possible way. I take you on a journey through time and space through a deeply relaxing, guided meditation.

You then get to experience the past life yourself through your own senses. I am with you all the way and guide, guide and support. You also receive healing during the treatment. If necessary, I will coach you in confronting and healing situations that have created trauma and blockages in you.

I also go into the media myself and help you see, understand and interpret what comes out. We conclude with a conversation afterwards, for interpretation and reflection of the regression.

It is fine to record sound during the treatment with your mobile or similar if you wish.

/ Carolina
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