Du behöver inte kunna allt om kristaller

You don't have to know everything about crystals

There are so many different kinds of crystals and stones in the world. There are also often several different names for the same stone or mineral, depending on where in the world you ask. In addition, we have all these different forms, such as "Carvings", "Cuddles", "clusters", "palmstones", etc. It's easy to feel both ignorant and lost at times, which might take away some of the fun of the crystals...but do you really have to be on top of everything? Or is it possible to collect crystals and stones anyway?

Yes of course! We at Kristallklart Roslagen want the crystals to spread joy, well-being and harmony in the first place. We are happy to answer questions about the properties and origin of the crystals, but sometimes we cannot answer everything either. Then it's great that there are great books on the subject, if and when you want to deepen your knowledge of a certain crystal/stone/mineral.

We think it is important that there should be room for everyone with us. Whether you're completely new to this crystal and spirituality thing or very knowledgeable and knowledgeable (and everything in between), you'll fit right in with us. Dare to ask and don't feel stupid for not knowing everything! We are happy to tell you what we know ourselves and we can find out the rest.

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