På gång i December!

Coming in December!

In December, we will put a lot of effort into having the store open more hours and be available to those of you who want to buy Christmas presents for yourself and others.

Some dates to keep an eye on:

  • Sunday 4 December is the Christmas market in Norrtälje city and we are open extra from 11am-4pm
  • Friday 16 December is "Tomtekväll" in Norrtälje, the shops are open until 8 pm. More info to come!
  • On Sunday 18 December, Pernilla holds a fully booked Cape class in our premises. More passports will be posted after the turn of the year!
  • 19-23 December we keep the store open until 7pm every day! Take the opportunity to do your Christmas shopping with us after work or school.
  • December 26 starts our mid-day sale!

A warm welcome to the store!

/Isabelle and Karolina

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