På gång hos oss i Juni

Ongoing with us in June

Finally summer! Now we are looking forward to a lot of wonderful events, courses and workshops, hanging out in stores with nice customers and new neighbors 💕

Some highlights of Kristallklart Roslagen in June:

• Session with Karolina 8/6

• Crystal course with Isabelle and Karolina 10/6

• Reiki course step 2, with Karolina 17-18/6

Of course, the shop is open as usual with lots of Crystals and other nice things and we have a bunch of lovely treatments and services to choose from! Several in the treatment team also have really nice offers! So visit the store or read more on the website so you don't miss a thing!

Our new neighbors Studio Moon are opening their doors for yoga and healing with an opening on 6/16! We look forward to wonderful collaborations in the future with Mikaela and Pernilla (both of whom have operated in our premises before). So fun!

Can you tell that we are excited for June? 😄

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