Hur går en Medial vägledning till?

How does Medial guidance work?

What does a Medial guidance mean and how do you really know what to expect before a meeting with a medium? Karolina Kaplan, Cert. Medium, clears up the concepts.

Before the first meeting

You have found a medium you have become curious about and booked an appointment. You are expectant, perhaps a little nervous, hesitant, divided, restless. There is so much you want to know, but how to ask the questions? You have a limited amount of time and it costs a lot of money, so it might be good to be at least a little prepared. Or should one rather let the medium speak unhindered and see what comes out? Maybe you actually booked the appointment mostly because it feels exciting? Do you recognize yourself?

You can be completely calm, a medium is a human being and has chosen this profession to help other people. The vast majority of mediums are serious and caring and most of us live fairly ordinary lives, with everyday life and bills and laundry times. Don't primarily expect a gnarly old lady with a wart on her nose and a crystal ball (although there's probably the occasional one too).

prepare yourself

Before the meeting, the best thing you can do is think through why you booked the appointment, it is enough to have that picture clear for yourself. If it's because you're curious, then that's your reason and it's perfectly fine! Then you will receive the information and guidance that is relevant for you then and there. If you have a thousand questions, feel free to write them down and group them, see if one or more themes emerge among the questions. You can then present these themes to the medium when you meet, e.g. "I wonder a little about my work" or "Can you see something about my love life?". The medium can then focus on that theme and will then give you the guidance that is current around that theme. If you have more concrete questions, you can of course ask them as well, the medium may then use Tarot or Oracle cards or another tool to answer your questions.

Take notes!

One thing that many miss during a medial guidance/ sitting/ reading etc. (dear child has many names) is to take notes. Write down supporting words and it will be much easier to remember everything afterwards, or even better: ask to record the conversation with your mobile phone! Make sure you mute the phone, start the recording and put the phone between you and the medium. This is clearly the best way to remember a guide and it's fun to go back to the recording or notes afterwards and check what actually happened from what was said.

We mediums like to give advice, sometimes we can be a little difficult and challenge our clients to dare to make changes, to take steps forward in their development. You can take the advice or not, we call it free will. We create our own lives and even if there is a plan, we can choose to deviate from it. Sometimes the departures are not intentional and then some good advice from a medium can help you find your way back to the plane; your Life Path.


After medial guidance, it is common to feel a little dazed, you need to take in what was said and reflect. It can be good to talk to a friend or write a diary, notes or just take a walk alone and think. Use the guidance you received as support in your personal development and feel empowered on your journey.

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