Crystal clear Roslagen Norrtälje is moving

On September 1, the moving load goes from the beautiful Andrummet to Sjötullsgatan 3 in and our pink wooden house with three rooms in a row. At the back there will be a treatment room/smaller yoga room.

The shop will be located next to the entrance facing the street and the middle room will be both a shop and an extension of the yoga room.

This is going to be so great and we are pumped and excited about this!

We will offer a lot of lovely ones. Reiki treatments, medial guidance, Circles, Yoga, events and courses and more in the premises. You can read more about our therapists here on the website and also book an appointment.

We will of course also offer a wide range of crystals and stones, incense, decks of cards and other nice things.

Keep an eye out here and in our social media for more info on the opening date and grand opening!

A warm welcome to us!!

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