Kristaller på landet

Crystals in the countryside

Yesterday I visited my good friend Frida out in the country where she has created a lovely oasis with Café, B&B and Finloppi's/shop. Frida had invited me to have a small corner with crystals in her shop, which of course I wanted to do! There is such a lovely energy in the place and a lovely, loving atmosphere. Frida is one with nature and creates small still lifes and works of art in her garden, bakes and fixes, a flower in the raspberry tea, incense on the garden table, horse droppings in a bucket for the natural "grass cutters" who come to visit sometimes. Quite simply, a real idyll.

Bobs_up (Frida's dog's name is Bob) is located in Björnhuvud outside Åkersberga, at Ryssugnvsvägen 8. The cafe is open on weekends and the shop every day. Go there and enjoy!

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