Lägesrapport från behandlingsteamet

Status report from the treatment team

So, what wonderful fun it is to gather the treatment team and invite to an evening that we have tailored for well-being, joy and community! The evening of love on 19/5 was so lovely and nice in every way. Those of you who have participated in our Love Nights have contributed so much wonderful energy and we are so grateful for that! We are excited for more! Right now we are planning for two upcoming events where the whole team participates.

The team consists of Karolina, Isabelle, Teija and Hannele. We all work with health, wellness and well-being at all levels. A holistic dream team quite simply! Do you need help to unwind, release stress, worry, sort your thoughts, change your lifestyle, get more energy, get pain relief or someone to talk to? - Get in touch with us and we will help you!

In progress in the near future:

💕 Market night 26 May - the shop is open in the evening until 8 pm

💕 Session with Karolina June 8 - sign up to karolina@duvinner.nu

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