Gott nytt år!  ⭐️

Happy New Year! ⭐️

Hello and good luck! Here comes a small update from us.

Now in January, we at Kristallklart Roslagen plan far ahead and try to think of fun events, courses and workshops to offer you. We are also in the process of looking for new, fine, unique crystals for the shop.

Some of what is planned in the near future:

January 21-22: Reiki course with Karolina

KAP with Pernilla dates coming up

Yoga with Mikaela - dates coming up

Love meditation and healing with Karolina and Isabelle

...and then we may have a new one in the works! (Stay tuned)

A warm welcome to Kristallklart Roslagen!
- Roslagen's place to be for those who like crystals and spirituality 💕

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