Full rulle

Full roll

Here is a small progress report like this three weeks after we moved into the new premises. There's a lot going on with us now and time is flying by! It's busy doing research and ordering goods, pricing, weighing, taking photos, taking care of the store and then we have our treatments and conversations and planning for events and courses going forward. Soon we will have set a little more routines and landed more properly, it will actually be quite nice.

The venue is lovely to be in and has a nice energy. We often hear that from those of you who come in, and it feels so nice. It has been my vision all along, that everyone should feel welcome with us and that all stress and pressure can stay outside the door. Crystal clear Roslagen should be a stress-free zone!

What lies ahead of us now is to prepare for some fun events during October. More info coming soon! There will also be Reiki courses in the future and seances of course! Do you have suggestions, wishes, thoughts? Feel free to write a comment below or email info@kristallklartroslagen.se

Hugs to you!

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