With us at Kristallklart Roslagen, you can book Reiki treatments and also take courses to learn how to practice Reiki yourself. But what exactly is Reiki?

Below is a text from the United Reiki Association that explains more:

Method from Japan
Reiki healing is a gentle and at the same time effective treatment method for, for example, pain and stress, anxiety and physical and mental tension. Reiki works with the body's natural healing processes and replenishes the energy store - a method with many uses in our modern society. Reiki in its current form comes from Japan, but has thousand-year-old roots in, among other places, Tibet.

Reiki is a form of healing - a word that today in many contexts is very loaded - but does not require any religious faith or conviction, neither for the practitioner nor for the person being treated. Reiki can be given and received by anyone, regardless of whether you are spiritually or scientifically inclined, and you don't have to "believe in healing" for it to work. Modern research on Reiki shows that the method is effective in a number of different contexts.

Health care
Reiki is today classified as rehabilitative health care by the Swedish Tax Agency. This means that you can use your health care allowance for Reiki.

Do you want to book an appointment for a Reiki treatment or take a course? Read more under "Treatments and classes" here on the website.

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